Supposed Counterfeit Univox Guitars

There are some guitars that have generated confusion in the past few months. Some claim they are "modern" Univox's, made overseas to cash in on the vintage popularity, however it has been brought to my attention that these guitars are in fact from the late 70s. I have received a few emails from people who bought the guitars during that time period. I believe these guitars were made for markets other than the US, possibly Canada.

Thought they do not fit in with the models listed on this site, at this time I do believe they are from the 70s. I am listing the common differences between them and the other Univox models for reference:

  • Pearl inlay Logo is different than anything else with the Univox name on it.
  • The Ripper is the only exact Strat copy Univox ever made and it only had Humbuckers, there was no single coil version
  • None of the neck plates have a 'U' on them, or even a "made in japan" logo, "steel reinforced neck" or "steel adjustable neck".
  • Some of the colors seem off from what Univox is known to have produced in the 70's (such as candy apple red).
  • There are currently only 3 dealers on eBay selling them, one in New York and 2 in Canada.

    If anyone has purchased a guitar like this, please contact me. I would be very interested if anyone could send me date codes from the pots in the guitars or any distinguishing markings one would find from taking the guitar apart. Please only contact me with guitars with the above features, especially the unusual logo. I get a lot of emails about "counterfeits" but usually it is a model guitar that is exactly like or similar to an existing guitar on the site. If you own something that is a hollow body or a copy of a Gibson, it is not counterfeit, there were a lot of variations over the years and I have not been able to catalog all of them.