Univox Price Guide

On this page I would like to list some average retail prices for used Univox equipment. In order to do this I am requesting that people send me prices they paid. Before you do send me anything I have a few guidelines I would like everyone to follow.

I am trying to list resonable store prices, the point of this is to list prices that you could go to the store and expect to pay for the equipment. I don't want to list any amazing deals, garage sale finds etc... It's great when you can find those prices, but a lot of people are looking on eBay and in their local instrument store. Hopefully this will let everyone be more informed shoppers and stop the upward creep I am seeing in Univox equipment.

So after all that rambling, please feel free to send prices to me. All prices are in US dollars unless otherwise noted.

BadazzN/A  $350
Barney Kessel CopyRed Sunburst  $350
Coily (Horizontal Script Logo)Sunburst $175-$250$150-$250
CoilyGreen $150$400
CoilyRed $180$250-400
Coily Bass (Horizontal Script Logo)Red $125-175$320
Coily Basssunburst  $230
Custom 335 copyN/A$100$250$400
Custom 335 copyRed  159-167
Custom 335 copySunburst $200 
Custom 335 Bass copySunburst  $250
Custom 12-string 335 copySunburst  $995
DeluxeSunburst  $130
DoveSunburst $175 
GimmieSunburst $300$200-350
GimmieEbony $150
Hi-Flier (Phase I)  $300$225-295
Hi-Flier (Phase 2)Sunburst  $350
Hi-Flier (Phase 3)Black $89-$190 
Hi-Flier (Phase 3)Sunburst $137.50$205-$410
Hi-Flier Bass (Phase 2)White$80-$120$125-$225 
Hi-Flier Bass (Phase 2)Natural $130 
Hi-Flier Bass (Phase 3/4)sunburst  $250-270
HR-2sunburst  $150
HR-2red  $150
'Lectra$235  $390
Limited EditionRed Wine $250.00 -$360$260-$500
Limited EditionCherry Red $125
Lucy BassN/A $300 
Lucy GuitarN/A  $409
MotherN/A  $200
Preciselyblue/gray $180 
Pro   $500
Ripperwhite $300-350$350
Stereo Bassnatural  $315
UB-1 Basswhite  $103
UB-1 BassSunburst $117 
UC-2 GuitarSunburst $275 
Westbury StandardBlack $152 
Westbury StandardSunburst  $130
Westbury DeluxeAntique Walnut $100-$600 
Westbury DeluxeSunburst  $250-$400
Westbury Customn/a$499  
Westbury Track IIn/a  $350
Westbury WSA260n/a  $300


Stage 720 (2x12) $100 
U1011 w/8x10 cab $180 
U1061 $400$400
U1220 head+cab  $250
U1226 w/ 1205 Cab  $350
U1246 $200 
U65RD  $43
U65RN  $50-$65
U75  $125
U155R $71 
UB-250 $125 


Echo Tech (EM-200) $80 
EC-80 (w/o tape) $50-$75$20
Microfazer $45-$60 
UEQ-1  $53-62
Unifuzz  $250


Mini-Korg 1  $200-400
Mini-Korg 2  $400
EP210 Electric Piano w/ stand  $175

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